PRESTO is Zealand’s regional symphony orchestra for young, talented musicians, ranging from 12-25 years old. The orchestra is conducted by Andreas Vetö and consists of about 50 students from regional music schools and MGK Sjælland.

In its first year PRESTO has undergone a tremendous development with the aim of becoming one of the nation’s leading youth orchestras, thereby supporting the development of young, classical musicians in Denmark. In 2016 PRESTO was awarded as “Best Music School Orchestra in Denmark”.

To date PRESTO has given several concerts in the Zealand region and once a year the orchestra goes abroad to present Scandinavian music. In 2016 PRESTO went to the United States on a two week tour and in the summer 2017 the orchestra visited Latvia and Estonia.

The orchestra rehearses once or twice a month and weekend rehearsals are organised at least twice a year. The older members of the orchestra serve to support and inspire the younger members, who in turn are given the opportunity to evolve in a safe environment. Everyone comes away with unique musical encounters as well as lots of opportunities for socializing. They all take home an increased love of playing music to their respective schools so that this overall regional musical community can strengthen the smaller musical communities.

The idea for a regional youth orchestra arose from a desire to give talented, young musicians in the region the opportunity to participate in a musical community across municipal boundaries in order to experience challenges, which can be difficult for individual culture and music schools to provide on their own. The orchestra began in 2015 as a regional project called Project Regional Sjælland’s Talented Orchestra, also known as PRESTO.